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The Break 2022 - C4I.png

Connecting and Cocreating for accelerating Impact in the creative industry.

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​We are impact storytellers with a focus on sustainability. We use the power of storytelling and communications to help you execute your business goals. ​

We are passionate about connecting bridges to encourage cross-collaboration among industries to engage in co-creation to accelerate impact. 

This is a global platform that increases awareness, gives access to a multicultural audience, activates collaborations for action, and drives change by amplifying changemakers in the creative industry.

A sustainable, diverse & inclusive future

can only be built together. 


We help platforms, brands and companies with their communication and marketing goals. 


Our focus is to work with industries in the creative industry to offer clarity, strategy, define and spread the message, developing a communication plan, or drafting a story that reaches a potential audience and  accelerate impact.


we are a team

100% multicultural team and partners bridging the world.

“We are impact storytellers with global experience connected by one mission:

 to make a difference".


We help the creative industries and purpose-driven organizations craft a better world.

The Break 2022 - C4I.png


We are building a global community across sectors to join and be ready to scale impact collectively.

 #ImpactStorytellers is a hub ready to connect, get inspired, and take action. 

Connect with like-minded changemakers through our experiences and start creating collaborations.

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