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Maco Calderon is a Quechua fashion designer from the mountain range of Peru and who currently lives in Paris, France. Maco created a human fashion brand, specialized in designing and making garments of noble organic materials such as alpaca and Pima cotton.  All creations are handmade in the Andes of Peru. 


Social Media management and content creation to increase engagement and audience

Content creation strategy, planning, and scheduling posts. Consultation on strategies to increase followers with a focus on the client's main objectives:

create more brand awareness and lead to speaker roles in Peru.

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During Covid-19 the brand needed to continue growing the connection between customer and followers


Increase of followers by 500+, curation and content support for weekly Instagram live streams about sustainable fashion and other topics by interviewing Peruvian network in fashion, culture, design, and business. As an alternative during the COVID-19 period, the brand's social media was turned into an educative platform, in order to raise its customers' awareness about sustainable fashion, ethics, culture and Peruvian traditions, inviting professional guests to take part of the experience and share their knowledge.

The client was satisfied about the interaction and engagement growth. As a result the fashion designer was invited to more than than five guest talks in 2020.

Video:  Maco Calderon for Monte Carlo Fashion Week 2020 Digital Edition - Fashion Channel

Commitment with UN's Sustainable Development Goals:


SDG 4:  Maco Calderon is committed to raising awareness of its consumers about the origin of its products, the benefits of buying from an ethical brand that promotes traditional techniques and local culture.


SDG 12: The brand collaborates with Peruvian artisans creating designs made mostly from alpaca natural fiber obtained from local cooperatives, social enterprises, and alpaca breeders of Andean communities to preserve traditions and stimulate economic and social development. 

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