NEW Fashion book



Digital Magazine inspired by the biggest Alpaca event: Alpaca Fiesta 2018

NEW fashion book is a digital magazine showcased worldwide. The magazine is inspired by art in movement, ethical fashion, and stories for impact. 


The magazine aims to showcase the stories and message about sustainability in Latin America and the world,  sharing interviews, fashion shootings made in Peru, France, and interviewing changemakers like Fashion Revolution co-founder Carry Sommers, Fashion editor Eva Hughes, ballet dancer Fernando Montano. The goal to spread the real message about sustainability and balance within fashion.

The public is our real client. The NEW fashion book was showed to many international platforms and brands around the world, including some prominent figures in the fashion industry. We showed a powerful organic message.


Magazine launched in Issue:

Commitment with UN's Sustainable Development Goals:


SDG 12: NEW book aimed to gather companies and show how they can contribute together and be "Glocal" Show globally, act locally.


SDG 17: Network sharing and fostering international collaborations between the textile industry and international organizations, agencies, and communities.