About us

We are an impact-driven communication & storytelling platform focused on sustainability.

Our passion is to connect storytellers with the creative industries 


We are on a mission

Merging creativity, passion and sustainability while creating an Impact Storytellers ecosystem

  • Apply creativity and communications to increase awareness with partners who want to drive businesses for good.

  • Support business growth by thinking creatively, acting with passion to merge unique content with relevant impact-driven activities. 

  • Amplify the thought leadership voices of brands working around sustainability, diversity & inclusion, and those enabling innovation.


  • Co-create and match storytellers with the creative industries, building an active global community committed to accelerating impact.


This is our BIG WHY!

C4I was created with the commitment to communicate the power of storytelling for accelerating positive impact. We are experts in branding, marketing and communications  with sustainability as our central focus.

We love to tell your stories for impact!

  • ​Build together an inclusive, sustainable future where everyone is welcome to take action

  • C4I has been created to build up projects, co-create campaigns and experiences to empower,  and raise awareness of impact storytellers as key solution-providers to accelerate impact. 


Co-creation & Collaboration


We are an international network! Matchmaking impact storytellers to support clients in the creative industries.

C4I is created by a group of multi-disciplinary creatives from Latin America and Europe.  

  • C4I offers experience in business strategy, digital marketing, communication and PR. Each member of our team comes with a curated network of professionals ready to support your journey.

  • We collaborate with like-minded creatives on specific projects and campaigns.



We believe collaboration is the key to transformation.